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HKK Chain is continually striving to make new breakthroughs roller chain design. Combining quality, convenience, reliability and cost with new technology, improved materials and an expanded application base, HKK is ready to provide the highest quality chain worldwide well into the next century. Here are a few features, which we invite you to compare, point by point, with other power transmission methods.

Why Roller Chain 

Drive Efficiency
The drive efficiency rating of HKK roller chains is over 98%. As positive as gears and as flexible as belts, HKK roller chains provide an ideal transmission of power with exact speed ratio. Throughout the entire working life, there is no power loss through friction or slippage.

HKK roller chains are comparatively light in weight yet they embody great strength. The elasticity of HKK chains absorbs shock and vibration, thereby protecting other machine components.

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Superior Capacity Plus®

HKK chain’s have a unique and patented process which increases the fatigue strength and maximum allowable load of our chain. We call this Superior Capacity Plus®.

Our second generation Superior Capacity Plus chain has a patented process which includes a combination of specialized shot-peening, heat treatment…

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Solid Bushings & Solid Rollers

In the 1970’s HKK Chain realized the significant advantage that cold-forged solid bushings possessed over the then industry standard split bushings. The wear life of solid bushing chains was more than triple the life of standard split bushing chains. HKK Chain perfected the manufacturing process of cold forging solid bushings as well as solid rollers, and was the first to make solid bushings and solid rollers standard in 1983.

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HKK special alloy pins are specially selected to increase fatigue and ultimate strengths. Our pins are shot peened to help retain lubrication in the bearing area between the pin and bushing. Larger size pins for multiple strand chains are ground finished after heat treatment to ensure straightness.

Heat Treatment

Proper heat treatment of all component parts is a crucial factor of chain strength and wear life. HKK Chain does all our own heat treatment in house with computer monitored furnaces. This ensures our parts are consistently treated to our precise specifications for maximum chain strength and wear.    


HKK Chains lubrication is heated to a liquid before the chain is completely submerged. This “hot dipping” process ensures lubrication penetrates to all parts of the chain including the bearing area between the pin and bushing. The dimples on the pin surface from the shot peening process works to hold the lubrication in this critical area.