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Since being founded in 1916, Maxco Chain has concentrated its efforts on the manufacturing of roller chain. Our drive is simple: Manufacture the world’s highest-quality roller chain while providing excellent value to our customers.

Maxco Chain quality starts with an aggressive approach to research and development along with state-of-the-art manufacturing. Maxco Chain is manufactured in our own plant, allowing for the strictest of quality control measures that only a single source manufacturer can offer. All our chains are made using only the highest quality materials. Our chain features enhanced engineering benefits to maximize chain life. These benefits are then incorporated as standard on Maxco Chain.

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Mission — To innovate, improve, develop and manufacture the longest lasting, highest quality roller chain available. To provide exceptional value, with modest earnings in an effort to keep our customer base competitive and profitable. To offer the highest level of customer service and support. To act responsibly to our customers, employees, community and environment.

History — Since being founded in 1916, Maxco Chain has concentrated its efforts on the manufacturing of roller chain. Initially providing high-quality bicycle chain, Maxco shifted its efforts to industrial chain during the 1960’s. Over the next 50 years, Maxco Chain worked tirelessly to improve product quality.

In the early 1980s, Maxco Chain became one of the first manufacturers to utilize cold-forged solid bushings and solid rollers. This improvement dramatically increased chain life by resisting wear. It would take the next 20 years for our competitors to start catching up with this technology. During that period, Maxco concentrated its efforts on increasing roller chain strength.

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Maxco Advantage — Maxco Chain continually strives to make breakthroughs in roller chain design. Combining quality, convenience, reliability, and cost with new technology, improved materials, and an expanded application base, Maxco is ready to provide the highest quality chain worldwide well into the next century. Here are a few features we invite you to compare, point by point, with other power transmission methods.

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