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Company Focus - Since being founded in 1916, HKK Chain has concentrated its efforts on the manufacturing of roller chain. Our drive is simple: Manufacture the world’s highest quality roller chain while providing an excellent value to our customers. HKK Chain quality starts with an aggressive approach to research and development along with state -of-the-art manufacturing. HKK Chain is manufactured in our own plant, allowing for the strictest of quality control measures that only a single source manufacturer can offer. All our chains are made using only the highest quality materials. Our chain features enhanced engineering benefits to maximize chain life. These benefits are then incorporated as standard on HKK Chain.

HKK Chain value doesn’t stop with superior quality products. Our corporate size allows us the luxury of providing the best personalized customer service in the business, while maintaining all the advantages of our knowledgeable and experienced worldwide staff. HKK Chain also pursues an unrelenting ambition to keep prices as low as possible while maintaining on time deliveries, helping our customers maximize productivity and profitability. Customers around the world in many industries such as agriculture, material handling, mining, construction, and all types of industrial manufacturing count on HKK Chain to supply high quality roller chain at an unsurpassed value. HKK Chain is poised for even greater achievements in the new millennium. The first includes higher working loads from standard ANSI series chain, an accomplishment unequaled by any other manufacture in the world.