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Aqua-Series II® Quick Reference Guide
Carbon Steel Base Chain | Solid Bushings | Solid Rollers | Superior Capacity Plus Load Ratings | Better Corrosion Resistance than Nickel or Zinc Plating | Great for Outdoor & Wash Down Use

Maxco Aqua-Series II® chains are the perfect choice where corrosion resistance and high strength are needed. Aqua-Series II ® chains are designed to provide maximum corrosion resistance, far superior to Zinc or Nickel plated chains while offering all the strength advantages of our Superior Capacity Plus® carbon steel chains. All component parts are treated with a two-step treatment process before the chain is assembled to ensure maximum protection. All Aqua-Series II® chains are manufactured with cold-forged solid bushings & rollers to limit chain elongation.

Aqua-Series II® is perfect for...

  • Outdoor Applications
  • Wash Down Applications
  • Paper Mills
  • Irrigation Applications
  • Bottling Plants
  • Non-Contact Food Packaging*
  • Marine Environments
  • Mining Industry
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Road Salting Equipment

*Aqua-Series II® chains should not be used in applications where chain may come in contact with food.  Maxco always recommends using stainless steel when contact with food is possible.

Available in Most All Sizes, Including Attachment Chain

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