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Chain cut to specific lengths are available for OEM requirements and for replacement chain. When ordering, specify the total number of pitches needed including the number of connecting links and/or offset links. Also, please indicate whether the chains should be shipped assembled or unassembled.

Cut To Length Chains

When ordering a cut length of chain, the assembly should be described as specifically as possible.

  • Roller chain with connecting link

    Generally, an even number of pitches includes a connecting link. Example: 40riv, 62 pitches including 1 connecting link. (61 +C/L)
  • Roller chain with connecting link and offset link

    Generally, when an odd number of pitches is required, a connecting link and an offset link are used. Example: 80riv, 75 pitches including 1 connecting link and 1 offset link. (73 + C/L + O/L)
  • Roller chain with connecting link on both ends

    For odd pitch strands which are not assembled endless, 2 connecting links are available. Example: 60riv, 79 pitches including 2 connecting links. (C/L + 77 + C/L)
  • Roller chain with roller link on both ends

    When neither a connecting link nor an offset link is required, specify that the chain strand has a roller link on each end. Example: 40riv, 55 pitches with roller link on each end. (55 RLEE)
  • Roller chain endless

    It is standard to furnish chain unassembled. If an endless chain assembly is convenient for your application, indicate whether it is to be riveted endless (permanent connection), or connected endless with a connecting link (detachable). Example: 60riv, 22 pitches riveted endless with pin link. (21 + P/L Endless) Not Shown.