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History — Since being founded in 1916, HKK Chain has concentrated its efforts on the manufacturing of roller chain. Initially providing high quality bicycle chain, HKK shifted its efforts to industrial chain during the 1960’s. Over the next 50 years, HKK Chain worked tirelessly to improve product quality.

In the early 1980’s, HKK Chain became one of the first manufactures to utilize cold-forged solid bushings and solid rollers. This improvement dramatically increased chain life by resisting wear. It would take the next 20 years for our competitors to start catching up with this technology. During that period, HKK concentrated its efforts on increasing roller chain strength.

In the early 2000’s, HKK Chain developed Superior Capacity® chain. Superior Capacity® chain utilized a patented process that enabled up to 25% higher working loads than our competitors. Five years later, we increased our working loads even further to what today is known as Superior Capacity Plus®. Superior Capacity Plus® has the industry’s highest working loads of any standard chain. Superior Capacity Plus® is our standard product. It is the only chain we manufacture and offer.

Today, HKK Chain continues to improve chain quality. We are continually working on new advancements which will further increase the fatigue and tensile strength, keeping HKK Chain the leader on the quality chain curve.