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Solid Bushings & Solid Rollers In the 1970s, Maxco Chain realized the significant advantage that cold-forged solid bushings possessed over the then industry standard split bushings. The wear life of solid bushing chains was more than triple the life of standard split bushing chains. Maxco Chain perfected the manufacturing process of cold forging solid bushings as well as solid rollers and was the first to make solid bushings & solid rollers standard in 1983. Solid Bushing Advantage Unlike split bushings, cold-forged solid bushings will not deform when the roller link plates are pressed on. Cold-forged from solid bar stock, solid bushings hold their cylindrical shape even after assembly. The concept is simple; the round chain pin in the perfectly round bushing hole will operate with less friction and heat, retain lubrication longer, and run smoother, resulting in greatly improved chain wear life. Solid Roller Advantage Maxco cold-forged solid rollers provide full bushing/roller contact allowing the chain to run smooth and quiet when engaging sprocket teeth. Our cold-forged solid roller will not deform or split open under high loads or in applications troubled by forging debris.