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Drive Efficiency
The drive efficiency rating of HKK roller chains is over 98%. As positive as gears and as flexible as belts, HKK roller chains provide an ideal transmission of power with exact speed ratio. Throughout the entire working life, there is no power loss through friction or slippage.

HKK roller chains are comparatively light in weight yet they embody great strength. The elasticity of HKK chains absorbs shock and vibration, thereby protecting other machine components.

HKK roller chains are well suited to a broad range of operating conditions, short or long shaft center distances, multiple shaft drives, slow or fast speeds, light or heavy loads, and frequent starts and stops. HKK chains can be expanded, shortened or customized using various attachments with relative ease. They are also highly resistant to adverse environmental conditions caused by temperature, dust, moisture, etc.

HKK roller chains offer maximum operating advantages at minimum cost. They are also easily removed and maintained. These qualities, combined with precision manufacturing, provide trouble-free service.

HKK roller chains are manufactured from the highest quality steel. Chains should be recycled after use, helping to clean our environment and protect our natural resources.